Conversions Matter More Than Traffic

Conversions Matter More Than Traffic

WARNING: Do not send any more traffic to your website before reading this!


Is your website working as hard as you are?


If you’re getting visitors to your website but conversions are scarce, then any effort to send more traffic is simply wasting time and resources.


Today we’re going to share 12 steps you can implement immediately that will improve your website conversion rate and help you capitalize on that traffic.


1. Catapult Conversions With A Pop-Up

A successful pop-up can convert anywhere from 3-10% of your unique website traffic.


To get into that higher percentage range, you’ll need to test your pop-up offer. Try sharing premium content, a special discount, or even a free giveaway. 


Think pop-ups are annoying?


Here are some tips to stifle any complaints:

  • Use a delay timer so visitors aren’t bombarded immediately upon arrival
  • Add a cookie so that it only shows once per user
  • And don’t hide the “exit” button


2. Ask Less, Get More

Have you ever felt interrogated by an online form for asking endless questions?


One of the fastest ways to increase conversions is to remove any unnecessary fields from your forms.


If your team needs more details from leads, then find the balance between not enough leads and not enough information.


Keep in mind that every additional field could be costing up to 10% of your conversions.


3. The Proof Is In The Pudding

Social proof that is.


Adding customer reviews or testimonials to your site can have a tremendous impact on your conversion rate.


It helps put the reader’s minds at ease and can shake any lingering uncertainty.


4. Oh Look, A Shiny . . .

Does your website pull visitors in too many directions?


Having one very clear objective is crucial.


Giving too many options lets visitors easily “opt-out.” But when everything is pointing them in one direction, the choice is clear.



Keep it simple, silly.


Now that there’s one clear objective on your site . . . make it insanely SIMPLE to get started.


If you need to ask for lots of information, then break it up field by field.


Email on one page, name on the next, and so on. It’s less daunting and if they don’t end up filling in the whole form, you still have their email to follow up.


6. Sign In With . . .

Customers are often resistant to creating a new account. In some cases, you can eliminate the need for a visitor to sign up altogether. Third-party signups are becoming increasingly popular. Instead of creating a brand new account, a user can log in with their Facebook, Google, or other account.


7. Sell Your CTA

Having generic button copy just doesn’t cut it anymore.


Call to action buttons should support the messaging used in your offer.


To boost your button conversion rate, start your button CTA with something like: “Yes, I want to . . .”


8. Anyone There?

Customers are often just a couple of questions away from buying.


Adding a live chat tool can help quickly overcome uncertainty and gain trust. It also sets a good precedent for your level of service once they do become a customer.


9. You’re Irresistible

If a website conversion rate is suffering, there’s a good chance that the offer just isn’t resonating with the audience.


An “irresistible offer” is something that your audience cannot help but sign up for! It often means giving massive value or even a freebie.


The key is that the perceived value is so mouthwatering to your customer that they can’t help but take you up on it!


10. Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back

Offering a money-back guarantee removes any final uncertainty that might still be in a prospect’s mind.


It can help overcome objections and mental blocks . . . and most importantly it helps them feel confident in choosing you.


11. The Final Countdown

Increasing the urgency to take action might be the final push a visitor needs to hit that “Buy Now” button.


Adding a countdown timer can help create the sense of urgency that takes them from “I’ll come back later” to “I need to do this now or I’ll miss out.”


12. If You Don’t Ask, The Answer Is Always “No”

This step actually helps increase revenue, not conversions (but we didn’t think you’d mind.)


Once a customer has completed their purchase, offer them a similar product or service that can be added with just a single click.


This strategy has been known to increase average order values by 10-20%. And just like your core offer, test different upsells to see what converts best.


Yes, I’m Ready To Optimize My Website

Optimizing your website for conversions is crucial to your business success. It can take a bit of time to get right, but you can easily start with one or more of these steps today.


If you would like some help, schedule a free strategy call with our team and we can take care of it for you.

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