Demystifying Your Website Metrics

A guide to understanding and improving your site’s performance over time.   If you run a real business then your numbers matter. Period.   That means your website too. It’s your digital storefront and platform to sell customers your products or services.   But what are you “tracking” when

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Which Is Better for Small Businesses… Pay-Per-Click or SEO?

So you’ve decided to make an investment and completely overhaul your website.  $10,000 later, everything looks perfect. And you’re ready to sit back and wait for the business to roll in.  Unfortunately, you quickly realize that despite your time and effort, your competitors are still seeing more leads than

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A team of software developers discuss a project scope

What is a Project Scope and Why is it Important?

You’ve spent countless hours designing your business from top-to-bottom, and now it’s time to take it online. Congratulations! That’s a major feat . . . And one only the most determined entrepreneurs accomplish.  Now you need to hire a team of website developers to build out your online presence.

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